Sunday, January 6, 2013


                             The word "Technology"comes from the Greek word  "techne" which means "craft or art". It refers to the art or craft of responding to our educational needs.
                             Technology is not just machines, It is a planned,systematic method of working to achieve planned outcomes-a process not a product. It refers to any valid and reliable process or procedure that is derived from basic research using the scientific method.


                              Nowadays,Technology is of great importance to human lives. Almost every year,new technology develop and introduce to our society. Without technology,people remain ignorant and old fashioned...
                             By the use of modern technology like computers,TV,videos,cameras,and the like,we can easily do things in an easy way. For instance,in doing a research,we can easily search the assigned topic through computers or internet by using a Google...
                             Through videos,we can easily record programs or any activity by just saving it.Through cameras,we can easily take pictures and then save it for developing as a sort of remembrance or souvenirs.
                             Educational Technology nowadays is highly modernized and socialized. Through advancement of this unique device,people may now acquire more skills and knowledge in a way of surfing the desired topic in the internet. We could no longer stay a long hour in the library doing research nor jotting down or scanning all the necessary books needed in that subject because there is now Internet which makes our work easier and convenient...
                            For me,Educational Technology is very much important,very much needed when it comes to advancement of knowledge. This can be readily understood nor easily stored in mind....easily done and easily caught up as far as skills and learning ability is concern. It is the application of scientific finding in our method,process or procedure of working in the field of education in order to affect learning. It involves theories of teaching and learning procedures.
                            People without education are very poor in society,they are most likely neglected and rejected and even snob especially when it comes to a job hiring. Even going to a mall,they were always belittled by everybody even the cashier and security guards ,sometimes they are strictly prohibited to get inside the mall because of their disheveled face and rugged look. They could hardly look things they wanted to buy because they didn't know how to read the label,they were always descriminated. Mostly were ill-mannered roaming around the street asking and collecting  money from the bypassers and when ignored,they start blowing you or condemning you for not giving them some amount of penny,sometimes they screw you.
                            Uneducated women always got pregnant because they don't have knowledge about birth control. They don't have a thought that being overpopulated would barely affect societies economy. What they only think is just for pleasure and lust. They never care for our government and environment. They are contented on the streets ,contented for starvation and abandonment.
                             Whereas educated individual were known and popular to society,very well-mannered and well-treated nor well-acknowledge,always welcome to social gatherings,competitions and oftentimes invited to some occassion. Educated people already knew what educational technology is ...once a knowledge been acquired to one's mind,it will always a knowledge,it cannot be stolen or taken by anyone...
                             It is right to learn educational technology. Teachers must learn the process or the wholeness of education so that they could barely share knowledge to students.
                             Because of Educational Technology,people were contented,happy and completely stable not only for physical  but also for emotional stability for the coming waves to come...

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